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HOYA Starscape filter (58mm)
  • HOYA Starscape filter (58mm)
  • HOYA Starscape filter (58mm)
  • HOYA Starscape filter (58mm)
  • HOYA Starscape filter (58mm)

HOYA Starscape filter (58mm)

Discover the magic of nightscape photography with the HOYA Starscape series! This filter preserves the natural hues of the starry sky while eliminating undesirable yellow and orange tints caused by streetlights in neighboring cities and other urban areas.

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58 mm

HOYA Starscape is a filter specifically designed for astrophotography enthusiasts seeking an effective solution to combat light pollution in their night sky photographs. It enables you to achieve a consistent and natural sky color, free from undesirable tinting or glare. The filter effectively eliminates the negative impact of light pollution, which is often encountered when photographing stars in urban or rural areas. Use it to capture the captivating allure of the nightscape, preserving the authentic atmosphere and celestial splendor of cosmic landscapes in your photos.


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Light pollution in the night sky is the biggest challenge for every astrophotographer. It significantly diminishes the visibility of stars and creates an unappealing warm hue on clouds and near the horizon. The HOYA Starscape filter is perfect for quick astrophotography outings near urban areas, where optimal observing conditions are hard to come by – typically in places classified as Bortle Class 4 or higher.

HOYA Starscape light pollution filter
HOYA Starscape light pollution filter

The HOYA Starscape filter selectively blocks the light emitted by sodium and mercury streetlights, effectively neutralizing their yellow-orange glow and providing your photos with natural tones even before post-processing. Save time on sky color correction and focus on uncovering the breathtaking beauty of the universe captured in key parts of your image.

HOYA Starscape light pollution filter


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Filtr HOYA
HOYA Starscape
filter (58 mm)

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Photographer: Christophe Anagnostopoulo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - HOYA STARSCAPE Series Filters

  1. What are HOYA STARSCAPE series filters?
    HOYA STARSCAPE series filters are specialized photographic filters designed to improve the quality of astrophotography and night sky photography. They are designed to reduce light pollution, increase contrast, and enhance overall clarity of celestial objects in the night sky.
  2. How do HOYA STARSCAPE filters reduce light pollution?
    HOYA STARSCAPE filters utilize advanced optical technology to selectively filter certain wavelengths of light associated with urban light pollution, such as sodium and mercury lamps. This helps reveal more details in the night sky, minimizing unwanted interference from artificial light.
  3. What sets HOYA STARSCAPE filters apart?
    HOYA STARSCAPE filters feature multi-coatings and special glass materials that selectively block specific wavelengths of artificial light, effectively reducing the impact of light pollution on astrophotography. This results in clearer, more detailed views of stars, galaxies, and nebulae.
  4. Do HOYA STARSCAPE filters affect image quality?
    No, HOYA STARSCAPE filters are designed to maintain high image quality while improving astrophotography results. They are made with high-quality materials and coatings to minimize optical aberrations and ensure sharp, detailed images.
  5. Are HOYA STARSCAPE filters easy to use?
    Yes, HOYA STARSCAPE filters are designed for ease of use, featuring standard filter threads for compatibility with most camera lenses. They can simply be attached to the front of the lens like any other photographic filter, making them convenient for both beginners and experienced photographers. Before making a purchase, please check the diameter of the filter thread on your lens and select the appropriate filter size.
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