§1 Parties to the Contract, Scope of Business Activity
  1. Hoya online store, selling products through https://hoya-filter.eu website, hereinafter referred to as the Store. The Store is owned by
    30-415 Kraków
    ul. Bonarka 11
    NIP [Taxpayer Identification Number] 678-170-38-79
    REGON [Business Registry Number] 356687573
    Second party to the Contract, purchasing goods through the Store, shall be hereinafter referred to as the Client.
  2. Sale and deliveries the Store offers to the Client shall be subject to this Rules and Regulations. By placing an order in the Store, the Client accepts this Rules and Regulations.
  3. The Client may contact the Store by:
    • phone: calling at: +48 12 357 66 05
    • email: store@hoya-filter.eu
    • correspondence address: Delta, ul.Bonarka 11, 30-415 Kraków.
  4. All goods offered by the Store are brand new (unless it has been stated otherwise) and are covered by the manufacturer’s or its representative’s warranty.
§2 Contract Conclusion
  1. Content and all commercial data available on https://hoya-filter.eu website should be considered as an invitation to conclude the Contract, within the meaning of art. 71 of the Civil Code, and shall not be considered as a valid contract. This refers to all offered products.
  2. Orders may be placed
    • through the online store
    • by sending an email to store@hoya-filter.eu (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
    • by phone: + 48 12 357 66 05 (from Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm).
  3. If you need to receive a VAT invoice, enter the billing information when placing an order and check in the relevant box. Otherwise, the fiscal receipt will be issued.
  4. The Client gives its consent for processing by the Store of its email address and personal data needed to carry out an order (pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Data Protection Act of August 29th 1997.)
  5. A natural person placing an order in the Store must be an adult person (over 18 years of age) and must have full legal capacity to perform acts in law.
  6. If https://hoya-filter.eu website or an order confirmation contains any substantial errors (defined as instances which prompt the Store to unreasonably judge the matter and enter into a contract under an error) relating to the product price or contract’s provisions, and the Client knew about such errors or could have easily noticed them, or if such an error was caused by the Client, the Store may evade the legal effects. In such an event, the Parties shall return all mutual provisions.
§3 Product Prices and Descriptions
  1. Product prices and descriptions published on https://hoya-filter.eu websiteonly constitute a commercial information, and shall not be deemed an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. They become binding when the Store accepts an order.
  2. All prices published on https://hoya-filter.eu website are gross amounts and include VAT tax according to the tax law provisions.
  3. Shipment costs are billed separately, and are calculated when you place an order. The approximate shipment costs can be verified by the Client in the shipment/delivery tab.
  4. The Store is only responsible for the product prices and their descriptions published on the Store’s website at https://hoya-filter.eu. Prices and descriptions published on other websites (including price engines, etc.) must be compared with the Store’s official website.
§4 Payment
  1. The Client can use the following payment methods:
    • bank transfer to the company’s German account (EUR payment) kept in BNP Paribas
      Account number: IBAN: PL07 1750 1048 0000 0000 1153 0931 BIC/SWIFT: PPABPLPKXXX
    • PayPal transfer
§5 The Right Of Withdrawal From the Contract
  1. Pursuant to the Civil Code provisions, a Consumer is defined as a natural person concluding transactions with an entrepreneur, provided that such transaction is not directly related to its business or professional activity.
  2. Pursuant to the Act of May 30th 2014 on consumer rights, the Consumer has a right to withdraw from the Contract within 14 days without giving any reason. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Consumer must inform the Store about its decision to withdraw from this Contract by unequivocal statement. The Consumer may withdraw from the Contract using a template form (may be downloaded HERE), although it is not obligatory, and send the statement with goods and proof of order to the Store’s address, at ul. Bonarka 11, 30-415 Kraków. To meet the withdrawal deadline, you must only notify us that you wish to exercise your right to withdraw from the Contract before the withdrawal deadline expires. The Store will immediately send a confirmation that it received the withdrawal notification.
  3. In the case of the withdrawal, the Store shall immediately return all received payments, including the items delivery costs (except additional costs arising from the selected shipment method, other than the cheapest, standard delivery method offered by our company), in all cases not later than 14 days from the day on which the Store has been notified about the decision to withdraw from this Contract. The Store will refund the payment using the same payment method that was used to complete the original transaction, unless the Consumer gives its explicit consent for another solution.
  4. The Consumer is under an obligation to return the item immediately, but not later than 14 days from the withdrawal date. To keep the deadline, it is enough to resend the item before the deadline expiry.
  5. The Store reserves the right to withhold the payment refund until it receives the item or until the proof of re-delivery is provided, whichever occurs earlier.
  6. If the Client withdraws from the Contract and returns the goods in a condition that remains within the routine handling framework, the Store shall return to the Client the product’s value and the delivery costs. Expenses incurred for the return of the goods to the Store under the right of withdrawal will be borne by the Client.
  7. To allow for the prompt exercise of the withdrawal right, please attach a printed out statement (download HERE) to the goods being returned. This will make it much easier for us to find your shipment and will facilitate the complaint process. Goods should be returned in the unaltered state. The Consumer can check the goods and is responsible for the decrease of the value of the item caused by handling other than necessary to determine the nature, features and operational qualities of the item. The Consumer should return the goods in an original, not damaged packaging to minimize possible transport damages.
  8. Due to payment processing by Stripe payment system refunds of SEPA payments are possible not earlier than 8 weeks after the payment was made and there is no way for us to issue a refund earlier. All orders paid by SEPA are subject to processing times extended by 3-4 days compared to other payment methods.
§6 Delivery Terms
  1. The goods are sent from the warehouse by post or using other courier company services to an address provided by the Client; the goods are delivered by Polish Post (shipments up to PLN 200), by UPS shipment company or other courier company.
  2. The Client can collect the ordered goods at the Store’s premises, at Hoya ul. Bonarka 11, 30-415 Kraków after prior agreement by email or by phone.
  3. If money transfer to the Store’s account is selected as a payment method, Client’s full name and the order number should be entered into the payment title box to facilitate the shipping process.
  4. If the Client’s selected payment method is an advanced payment and they failed to pay the money within 14 days, the Contract (order and its confirmation) ceases to have effect – the Client will have to re-submit the order in such situation.
  5. If the Client’s selected payment method is money transfer, it is committed to make a payment for the submitted order within 14 business days from the order placement date. Otherwise, the Seller’s offer shall not be binding and the order will be removed from the system.
  6. An order execution time covers the time devoted for a package preparation and its delivery to the Client. We strive to ensure that our products are ready for shipment as soon as possible. We prepare our products for shipment and deliver it on business days only. If goods are in stock, the standard deadline for an order completion is 1 to 3 business days. If goods are not in stock, the delivery time may be extended and the Client will be notified about this by email or phone. In special cases the deadline may be slightly prolonged.
  7. An order will only be executed if goods are in stock or can be obtained from the Store’s suppliers. If a part of ordered goods is not available, the Client will be informed about the order status and will decide on the order execution method. The Store will notify the Client about this within 30 days, and will make every effort to reduce this time to the minimum.
  8. If the goods are not available (they are out of stock or cannot be obtained from the Store’s suppliers) or if the Client’s order cannot be completed, the Store will notify the Client about this (the Store will notify the Client about this within 30 days and will make every effort to reduce this time to the minimum), leaving the Client free to decide whether to wait for the goods delivery or to cancel the order. If the Client decides to cancel a paid order, the Store will immediately return this payment using the same payment method which was used by the Client to pay for the goods.
§7 Damages Incurred During Transportation
  1. If a shipment with an ordered product carries any traces of damages, in order to establish the liability for the damage (whether it was caused by the Client or by a courier company), the Client commits to prepare a damages report in the presence of the courier company employee, which constitutes a proof that the damage occurred during transportation. Properly drafted protocol helps to determine when the damage occurred.
  2. The Client may refuse to accept a damaged shipment, and in such case shall immediately notify the Store about this.
  3. If the Client collects a package with damages that are not visible from outside, Klient must immediately notify the Store by sending an email to store@hoya-filter.eu.
§8 Warranty
  1. The warranty is executed through the Store or, at the Client’s request, directly from the manufacturer. Trademarks, information, names and logos are considered to be the property of their legal owners. They have been published on our website solely for information purposes.
  2. In the case of a product covered by a manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty, the Client may file a complaint regarding the damaged product by: a. exercising its rights arising from the warranty provided b. exercising its rights arising from the Seller in virtue of the guarantee
  3. The Store shall be liable under the guarantee for the physical and legal defects to the items, as set out in art. 556 and subsequent of the Act of April 23rd 1964 of the Civil Code.
  4. Physical damage of an item consists in a non-compliance of the sold item with the Contract, so if the item is devoid of features that it should have due to the Contract’s purpose arising from the circumstances or intention for use, or occurs when an item does not have features about which the Client was assured by the Store, is not fit for the purpose about which the Client was notified by the Store on conclusion of the Contract, and the Store has not raised any concerns regarding such purpose or if the incomplete item was delivered to the Client.
  5. Legal fault of the item occurs when an item is owned by a third party or it is encumbered with rights of third parties or if the limitation on use or disposal arises from a decision or ruling of a competent body.
  6. If an item is faulty, the Client may request the price reduction or withdraw from the Contract, unless the Store replaces such faulty item with a defect-free item or removes the defect. This limitation does not apply if the item was already replaced or fixed by the Store or if the Store replaced the item with a defect-free item or removed the defect.
  7. If an item is faulty, the Client may also ask to replace the item with a defect-free item or to remove the defect.
  8. The Consumer, instead of the defect removal proposed by the Store, may ask for the item replacement with a defect-free item or may ask for the defect removal instead of the item replacement, unless making the item compliant with the Contract using the method selected by the Consumer is impossible or would require excessive costs compared to the method proposed by the Store.
  9. The Client cannot withdraw from the Contract, if the defect is insignificant.
  10. Claims for the defect removal or for the item replacement with a defect-free item expire after a year from the defect confirmation. In the case of the Consumer, the expiry deadline cannot end in two years time.
  11. For a complaint to be recognized by the Store, the Client should deliver the product under the complaint with a proof of purchase and description of the complaint.
  12. Complaints regarding the defects arising during the warranty period are examined within 21 days from the moment the Store receives a shipment with the claimed goods. However, the Store will reply to the Client’s warranty request within 14 days of the receipt of such letter. Where is necessary to resend the equipment to some other specialist service or to carry out time-consuming tests, the above period may by extended by another 21 days. The Client shall attach documents confirming that a product was purchased in the Store (fiscal receipt, VAT invoice) and the filled in complaint form to be downloaded HERE.
  13. The Store does not accept any shipments resent by COD.
  14. The warranty does not cover:
    • maintenance provided for in the user manual
    • damages arising from accidents, lightning strikes
    • damages caused by improper operation
    • damages caused by unauthorized service
    • mechanical damages
    • consumables, such as: bulbs, batteries, etc.
§9 Remaining Provisions
  1. Pursuant to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act of July 29th 2005 (Journal of Laws no. 180, item 1495) the Client purchasing electrical or electronic equipment has the right to return the old (used) equipment of the same type to the store in which they bought a new product. Clients who wish to use that possibility are asked to resend their used equipment to the Store’s address – ul. Bonarka 11, 30-415 Kraków
  2. If one or more provisions of this Rules and Regulations are found to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall retain their full force and effect.
  3. In all cases not covered by the above document, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
  4. In the case of any doubts or queries, please contact us by sending an email to store@hoya-filter.eu.
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